It’s almost too easy…

Scoutmasters take note… celebrities are helping us out for a change… yep I said celebrities!

Unless you live in a cave and have no access to the outside world you heard today that Barry Bonds was indited by the Federal Grand jury. Obstruction of Justice and perjury.
To break it down for you he lied and he cheated.

So now.. we don’t want to become a sports blog, so I will put this in Scouting terms.
He lied and he cheated.

A Scout is Trustworthy! Barry is not. Its that simple.
And this is the stuff that all good Scoutmaster minutes are made of. Real life played out in front of us giving us life lessons on how we can use the Scout Oath and Law in our daily lives.

I have said it so many times… If you live the Oath and Law you will never go wrong.
If Barry understood the values of the Law, he would not have lied and he certainly would not have cheated. I am not saying Barry Bonds ever did steroids.. that really does not matter at this point. In fact I would much rather he did and came clean about it. But Bonds lied and in the process kept the truth about other scandals from the authorities.

And the real lesson here has nothing to do with steroids or Barry Bonds. It has everything to do with being Trustworthy and knowing what right looks like. Had Bonds just worked hard, he still may have hit all those home runs. Had he given honest effort and used his talent he would not be in the news in a negative light. If he had lived as an example of Trust, he would not have been indicted today.

The other night I told the Troop that if you ever find yourself looking over your shoulder, you are about to do something wrong, something that one day you will regret. You may “Get away with it now, but it will always be there and one day catch up to you.

I wonder if Barry Bonds thinks about what may have been had he not got mixed up in Balco?
I wonder if Barry Bonds knows the kind of man that he could have been, respected for his talent and skill.
I wonder if Barry Bonds understands the impact that he has left, not only on Baseball, but on everyone that now looks at him for what he appears to be. A liar and cheat.

I hope you all think about living the Scout and Law before you do the wrong thing and understand the impact it will have on you and those around you. Remember, you make a promise to do so… on your Honor.

I’ll leave you with this. Put Barry Bonds aside. It boils down to Trustworthy and doing the right thing. Never put yourself in a bad position and you will never have to get out of one.

Do not tolerate Liars, cheaters, or thieves.. they are never right!

Thanks Barry.. you make Scoutmaster minutes to easy!

Happy Scouting!

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