3 words…

Last night wrapped up an election here in Oregon. And with elections come debate, scandal and mud slinging. I wonder if any of these people really want to help or are they just in it for ego.
We voted on property rights and taxing smokers last night (as well a a few other minor issues). For the last six months we have seen the absolute worst in people. And it got me thinking, there are three little words that can solve many of these problems.


It is a phrase that begins our Oath. A Oath that leads us in a direction of promise.
Promise to duty to God and Country… not ego.
Promise to Help other People…AT ALL TIMES.. not just election years.
Promise to Keep ourselves Strong, mentally awake, and MORALLY Straight.

I suppose you could debate who’s morality.. but if you did than you really don’t get the Scout oath and law.

I listened to politicians over the last week giving their last ditch efforts to win their cause. The lengths they go to amaze me. I give them points for being tenacious. But do they stop to think about what they are really doing? Do they ask themselves if it lives up to the standard of the Scout law (the answer here is no by the way)? Go ahead a repeat aloud the Scout law right now.. and think of a politician or a ballot measure that meets the 12 point test. Hard to find one is it not? And that to me is sad.

You have to ask the hard questions? Are they Trustworthy? Loyal? Helpful? ….

IF they would take a minute and ask if they are doing an HONORABLE thing I am sure they would stop most of what they do.

What is HONOR?
According to Websters: (taken from the Merriam Webster dictionary)
1 a: good name or public esteem : reputation b: a showing of usually merited respect : recognition
2: privilege
3: a person of superior standing —now used especially as a title for a holder of high office
4: one whose worth brings respect or fame : credit
5: chastity, purity
6 a: a keen sense of ethical conduct : integrity b: one’s word given as a guarantee of performance .

Looking over those definitions I can’t find ego, I can’t find scandal, I can’t find politics and I am sure that there is no honor left in our politicians. It is a shame too, because I believe that the framers of our country were honorable men. I think they had the very best of intentions when they wrote the Constitution.

Three little words…


How do you use them? What do they mean to you?

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