Well… not exactly… but here are some myths about Cold Weather Camping that may help you be a lot more prepared;

Myth #1: Leather hiking boots will keep your feet warm. — FALSE
– The snug fit of most leather hiking boots can limit the circulation of blood in the foot. Especially with thick socks on. Overboots cut generously enough to hold your foot and shoe are much more effective. The cloth stitching in leather boots can also wick moisture into the shoe. Nothing is worse that wet feet in cold winter.
Myth #2: Waterproof clothing is ideal for cold weather camping. — FALSE
– To keep warm, in the cold, your clothing must allow body moisture to escape. Moisture that is trapped too close to the body can wick heat away through evaporation. It is better to layer your clothing on in cold weather. Wool, Gor Tex, and polypropylene garments work nice in the cold. Always wear insulated underwear.
Myth #3: Winter camping does not require much preparation. — FALSE
– Arctic conditions exist when the wind is blowing and the temperature drops below 20 degrees F. There are only seven states in the U.S. that do not experience arctic weather. Oregon is not one of them.. It is very important to prepare and even over prepare. I’ve never heard anyone complain about being too warm or having too many dry clothes on a winter campout.
Myth #4: Mental attitude has little to do with winter camping. — FALSE
– A positive mental attitude is the most important ingredient in the success of cold weather camping trips. The demands of winter will drain your energy and you’ll have to rely on yourself to keep your spirits high.
Myth #5: In cold weather, tasks can be done just as quickly as in warm weather. — FALSE
– Every effort in cold weather takes longer to complete. Be sure to bring some winter patience with you when you camp in the cold.

Now that would be a great episode for Myth Busters.. wouldn’t it?

Happy Scouting!

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