The Coolness of "BE PREPARED"

I always look for opportunities to see growth in not only my boys, but the Scouts of my Troop.
Today my youngest son left for outdoor school. A real neat program up here in Oregon where every 6th grader goes away for a week to learn about Oregon and our environment and gain an appreciation for the out doors. It is not surprising how many of my sons class mates have never been camping, but what is surprising is how ill prepared they are when they do have to leave home for a week.
Last week my nephew, also in the troop, went to outdoor school. He showed up for a week of cabin camping ready to go… PREPARED. Backpack on his back loaded and ready. His class asked where all his stuff was and he proudly explained.. “It’s all in my pack.. I’m a Boy Scout!”
Today, Josh got up, packed and was ready to go. Rain gear, just in case, extra socks and stuff to stay warm. He grabbed his sleeping bag and a pillow and was ready for the week.
When we arrived at the school he too was asked where all his stuff is.. I had to smile as he told his friends, he was ready for the week.. he was PREPARED. Everything packed neatly and ready for cold and wet or whatever the weather may be. His pen and paper and a few extras all neatly packed and ready to go. He told his best buddy.. I’m almost 1st Class.. I better know how to pack… I had to chuckle.

It was neat to see these two guys.. both family, but also Scouts ready and Prepared. It was nice to see that they have learned and become seasoned campers. If this were a commercial it would look something like;

New rain gear for outdoor school- $25
Dues for Scouts- $200
Backpack- $100
Telling the guys you are Prepared because you are a Scout- PRICELESS!

Happy Scouting!

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