Winter Camping Skills – COLD

It’s all about the COLD in winter camping.

Remember this simple acronym:


C– Keep you and your gear CLEAN.
Staying clean will keep you dry and warm. Dirty fabric acts like a wick and will cause your clothing to saturate. Keeping your body clean keeps you warmer also. You don’t want to put a completely funky body in your sleeping bag to long.

Regulate your body heat by removing or adding clothing. If you overheat you will get yourself into trouble. To much sweat on your body will freeze and drop your core temperature. This will rapidly increase the chance of Hypothermia.

L– Wear your clothing LOOSE IN LAYERS.
Layer up… and down. Keep your clothing loose to allow the warmth to circulate. Layers give you options. You can add more if you are cold and take off when you get hot.

D– Stay DRY. Wet is your enemy in a cold weather environment. You need to stay as dry as you can. Water freezes and when it freezes on you, you get cold.

Remember COLD and you will stay warm while Winter Camping!

Happy Scouting!

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