Fundraising…the necessary evil?

Tonight at our Troop Committee meeting we talked about our 2008 budget. Being the Scoutmaster all I want to hear is Yes… you can go camping. I try not to get to caught up in dollars and cents, but I know that money runs the train.
Each year we have seen our operating expenses increase. I suppose that is a good problem to have, it means we are growing and our activity level is high.

As the Troop gets older and high adventure plays a bigger role, the cost of transportation, fees and other expenses goes up.
Way back when we had 5 Scouts and a few adults, we paid out of pocket as we went. Fundraising was limited to Popcorn sales and wrestling parents so we can make our Friends of Scouting goals.
Over 4 years we had gone from a $500 budget to just about $7000.
Rock climbing, canoes, Digging fossils, and hitting 10 different locations over the 11 camp out schedule, not to mention the extra activities is going to cost this year.
Last year we looked at a $5000 budget and that we thought was aggressive.
The Patrol Leaders Council submitted the plan, and the committee has agreed they can support it, but the Scouts will need to fund raise at least some of the income.
Donations and Dues will pick up the rest and some creative planning will support the PLC’s plan.

We are into the Popcorn season, tonight we had the chat with our two boys about getting out there and selling! It is going to take an all out effort this year to make the plan a reality.
And we can do it. My oldest said that he hated fundraising, but loved to camp and go and see cool stuff.. so it is a necessary evil.
And there is the life lesson.
I told him that I really did not like getting up each day and going to work, but I have this thing for eating and Scouting costs a pretty penny. So every day I get up, pack a lunch and head to the grind, knowing that the reward for hard work is the satisfaction of getting to do the things we like to do.

A Scout is Thrifty. He needs to understand that he should pay his way. I told the parents last year when we raised the price of dues, “Scouting is priceless.. there is no amount of money to great that I would not pay.”
Getting out there and peddling popcorn or Christmas wreaths. Asking friends and family to make donations are all worth the satisfaction we get from watching the boys grow and develop into good young men.

I know that fundraising is a “Necessary Evil”.. but it is worth the price in the end…. wouldn’t you agree?

Happy Scouting!


  1. out of curiosity, what does your troop charge for dues? we currently don’t charge dues, and have run our troop on fundraising funds, but that is diminishing and we may need to charge dues. I agree I’d pay whatever I can to see scouting succeed.. sadly our community and many parents don’t see it that way. Although maybe if they had a monthly investment, it would become more important to them..


  2. We charge the $15 for registration and then $35 for dues. I am wondering what others charge. We also do fundraising and aim to do one a month so that the boys have enough for summer camp.


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