Tiger Cubs… The life blood

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Pack recruit night for Pack 717.
They asked me to give a presentation on what Scouting is all about. Well, those of you that know me, I am hardly a man short on words…
BUT, last night I was almost speechless. The Pack put together a video of their activities this summer, in the video they explained Scouting more important was the message in the faces of the Scouts in the video. Their looks said “THIS IS FUN!”
Now Pack 717 does a great job of recruiting. They recruit before School lets out for the summer and then again when school starts. Their net gain so far for the year is 15 new boys and they have 8 more coming in next week from a private school.
As I made my presentation I asked for the parents to stand based on their sons age. I was pleased to see Tiger Cub parents.
Tiger Cubs are the life blood of the Pack and eventually the Troop. In 5 quick years those boys will be on the trail to 1st Class.
It was nice to see a pack with almost 3 Tiger cub dens. And at the same time 3 Webelos Dens. That tells me right away the Pack is healthy. It tells me that the boys are staying for the adventure. I remember the day we recruited the now Webleos 2 den, and now they are getting ready to come over to my Troop.
To watch them as Tigers and see their growth is an amazing thing as a leader. To welcome them to the Troop will be a blessing.
Tiger cubs are the life blood. I encourage every Scoutmaster to get out there and help a Pack recruit Tigers. It will pay you in the end as you receive them into your Troop.

Happy Scouting!

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