Winterizing your Backpack

It is getting closer to winter, and that means Winter camping.
Winterizing your backpack does not mean putting up in the rafters. It means it is time to look at the gear you have in it and replace it with your cold weather gear.

Time to change out that summer sleeping bag and pull out the 20 degree bag (or lower).
Check your rain gear and make sure it is not rotten or smelly.
Throw in your fleece hat, you are going to need it on those chilly mornings and cool evenings.
Extra fuel for your stove is a must in the winter. Remember that cold causes your stove to burn more fuel.
Gloves and glove liners are another item you want to throw in your clothing ditty.
Sweat wicking long underwear is a must. Don’t get caught out there getting sweaty and cold.
Keep your pack cover handy too, this serves multiple purposes the least of which keeps your gear dry.
Plenty of socks and sock liners will keep you warm and comfy this winter. Remember NO COTTON.. Cotton kills in the winter.
Check the batteries in your headlamp. It’s dark in the morning and it gets darker earlier.
Look at your 10 essentials. Matches need to be replace or replenished. Throw in a few granola bars or power bars.

Winter camping offers adventures unlike those of summer camping. Winter camping tests your skills and confidence, but the rewards are many.
Be prepared for winter camping and you will have a great experience.

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