Top 10…. ways to have an awful backpacking trip

Well, it looks like the “Top 10 list” is something folks like to see.
The emails keep pouring in…
So, this list will be on the Top 10 ways to have an awful backpack trip.
Now that the Troop has done a couple good ones, lets see if can make them better, but here you go…
The Top 10…

10. Get lost… That is why we have a map and compass in our 10 essentials.
9. Bring the wrong sleeping gear… a bad nights sleep makes for a long day of hiking.
8. Wear bad foot wear. Sturdy boots and good socks will keep the feet nice a cozy!
7. Get wet and cold… Hey rain gear is a lot “Cooler” than being wet and miserable.
6. Run out of food… enough said!
5. Carry to much. Planning, Planning, Planning!
4. Have a backpack break… Check your gear and make repairs when needed, the trail is no place to break down.
3. Run out of water. Know your route, pump even if you don’t need it.
2. Over estimate your limits. Know yourself and your crew… Push yourself, but know when you need to stop.
and the number one way to have an awful backpacking trip….

1. Forget to see the forest among the trees. The reason you backpack is to get away from it all. Set out on the trails less traveled and you will be rewarded with vistas beyond beautiful!
If you fail to have a good time and enjoy the trip, it will be awful in the end!

Happy Scouting!

1. Map
2. Compass
3. Flashlight/headlamp (be sure to have an extra set of batteries that fit your flashlight/headlamp)
4. Extra food (enough for one extra day)
5. Extra clothing
6. Rain gear ( jacket and pants-always carry rain gear even if the sun is out)
7. First aid supplies (be sure to include an extra day of any medication you are taking or might need in an emergency)
8. Pocket knife
9. Matches (stored in a water tight container)
10. Fire starter (wax, dryer lint etc)

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