What does Right look like?

Boys of the Troop have heard it a million times.. ” You know what Right looks like… “
This is a term I learned a long time ago.
We all know what “Right looks like” how we make it look right is what we are looking for.
There are a couple ways to tie a square Knot.. but in the end if it does not look and function like a square knot.. then it is not a square knot.. or “Right”.
This can be applied to everything we do in life.
Scout skills all have a right way and wrong way.. we want them done right.
Living the Scout Oath and Law direct you to do what is right.
To be Trustworthy is to be one that can be trusted. That is what right looks like.
And so you can take each part of the Oath and Law and see what right looks like.
The way in which you develop your character should always lead to “right”.

The Boy Scouts have given us a clear vision of what Right looks like. It can be found in the Scout handbook and at every Scout meeting. The Oath and Law paint us a clear picture of Right.
Mentally awake, Morally Straight, Physically Strong. That is what right looks like.
Trustworthy thru Reverent… that is what right looks like…
Clean in my outdoor manners, Careful with fire, Considerate in the outdoors, and Conservation minded… that is what right looks like.

We all know what Right looks like.. lets do it!

Happy Scouting!

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