Why do we do this?

I recently posted on a topic I called Discriminating choices.
This topic has drawn much response, most of it positive clearly from those that agree with the Boy Scouts of America and its program, while other comments have been less than positive in nature. Thank you all for your comments.
I am not going to post a retraction, none is needed, and as it states at the bottom, these are my opinions and not those of the BSA. I would like to think that I represent the views of the BSA and try to be consistant with why we do this thing called Scouting.

The bottom line is we are here to provide a program to the Boys.
Being a Scoutmaster is job that I take seriously, a job that does not turn off after the meetings on Monday, or I put away with my camping gear on Sunday night after a camp out.

I think we need to remember that we are here (I am here) for the Scouts. Without them, we really don’t need to keep showing up.

I stated in my Discrimination post that you can measure discrimination by its intent. I truly believe that there is no hate in providing a safe environment to Scouts. I also do not think there is hate in asking individuals to take an oath and stand by it.
If you don’t believe in a God.. so what… I am sure that there is something out there for you, but I do not think the Boy Scouts of America should have to change it’s values and beliefs to meet the needs of the few. Understanding that this is a private organization and there are other choices out there.

Ok.. enough about that.

So why do we do Scouting?
Well I for one have been in Scouting since I was about 8 years old. My Dad was a Scoutmaster and his Dad was too. I love the outdoors and love to test my skills. I have two sons, one is a Life Scout right now, and the other is finishing up his requirements for First Class. I love to watch them and the other guys in the Troop develop and grow into responsible young men.
I love that using the eight methods to achieve the Aims we can put together a program that keeps the Scouts engaged in Scouting, even though they are getting Girl friends, gaining interest in cars, and have lots of homework.
Scouting offers so much to these young men. To know that we have an effect on how they are going to be better citizens, men of Character, and that they won’t be couch potatoes, is rewarding.
To follow the boys on a twenty five mile backpack trip and see them test skills and themselves is the best pay raise a guy can get.
So why do we do this?
Well, its not to nit pick and find fault in the program.. after all we are the program, or at least we execute it. If the program fails, it is because we failed it. And that means we failed the boys.
And that is why we do this.

The Scouts!

Happy Scouting!

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