Top 10…

You know, everyone has there top 10 lists these days. Lists have become the way to have fun, identify who’s hot and who’s not…
Well I thought I would start in on my own Top 10’s!

Lets get started with the Top 10 Ways to set a GOOD EXAMPLE!

10. Show up on time. You do not want to become a time robber. Never leave someone waiting on you.

9. Participate. Be an active participant in your Patrol’s activities.

8. Master your Scout skills. Scout craft should become second nature for you.

7. Teach Scout skills. Be helpful to those still learning.

6. Don’t gripe.. be cheerful.

5. Be the first in camp to do things right.

4. Know what right looks like. Do not be afraid to do what is right.

3. Keep your gear clean and in good shape and help others do the same.

2. Wear your uniform properly and make sure it is neat and clean.

and the number 1 way to set a good example……

1. Live the Scout oath and Law…DAILY!

Happy Scouting!

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