Do a Good Turn Daily

The Slogan of the Boy Scouts is simply, DO A GOOD TURN DAILY.
What does that ask of us? Well it does not mean to do one good turn a day, but to always look for chances to help throughout the day.
You never have to look for good turns, they find you…but only if you have your eyes open and your mind ready to see them.

Every day opportunities to help confront you, and then you have to make a choice, do I do a good turn, or let it go?
A good Scout does the good turn, no matter how small, no matter how large. It can be as simple as carrying a load of groceries or as big as saving a life. The point is the opportunity is there and the choice is yours.
Every day I try to do a good turn, they surround me. Notice I said try. The Scout Oath tells us to “DO OUR BEST” Sometimes you find yourself in a position that you can not help. And that is OK, as long as you are aware and see the next opportunity.
Remember always that a good turn is an extra act of kindness. It is not just something you do because it is good manners. To answer a question of a driver about reaching a location is not a good turn, it is common courtesy, drawing him a map for him that will show him how to get there- now that is a good turn. (Boy Scout Handbook 9th Edition)
There are many examples of good turns, just remember that they are all around you. Opportunity is always knocking…do you hear it?

Do a Good Turn Daily!
Happy Scouting


  1. Today, December 1st, our church has asked that we Light the World. In 25 Ways. Over 25 Days, Fits right in with the daily good turn. Thanks Jerry for reminding us to keep our eyes wide open. #LIGHTtheWORLD


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