Example of Leadership

I have said it time and time again that good leaders are consistent.
This week I was emailed a video of our new Chief Scout Executive, Mr. Robert Mazzuca.
The video was an interview with Mr. Mazzuca focused on the controversies the Boy Scouts of America has dealt with regarding Homosexuality and Pedophiles.

True leadership Mr. Mazzuca, the 11th Chief Scout Executive, demonstrates in the video. He is consistent with the Values and positions of the Boy Scouts of America.
His steadfast position that we are a values based organization and his dedication to the protection of the young men (and women) within it are nice to see.

No matter where you are in the debate, the fact remains that the BSA is a private organization that has established itself as the Nations (Worlds) leading training ground for young men and women building Character, good Citizens and maintaining physical fitness.
In a time where you are flooded by acts of cruelty to children, abuse, and neglect, the Boy Scouts pledges to keep our kids safe and provide an opportunity to grow and develop into good people.

Mr. Mazzuca elaborated on the fact that we “kick bad people out”. And that is a good thing. According to the interview at a rate of 1 every other day since 2005. This shows that the BSA is serious about protecting our youth. There is no place in our organization for people that wish to do harm.

Leaders get the pat on the back when things go well and they get kicked in the butt when things go wrong. Mazzuca is prepared for that. “Organizations get mugged when they do nothing, they get mugged when they don’t do something, I’d rather get mugged for doing something.”

Robert Mazzuca became the 11th Chief Scout Executive on the 1st of September and already is showing his leadership. He clearly is a good example of our Organization and stands with its long traditions and supports its positions.

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