September 11th..

Today is a day of remembrance in our Nation. September the 11th was just another day until 2001 when an indelible mark was left on the soul of our Nation.
As we go about our lives we should not forget what happened that day and why it happened, but most of all we should not forget those that were murdered that day in three terrorist acts.

September the 11th is now one of those days that you look back on and say. “I remember what I was doing that day.” Or ” I remember exactly where I was that day”. Either way it is a day we will always remember.

I was in Germany on a Training exercise in a sleepy little town called Hohenfels.
We were getting ready to go into a meeting with our Task force commander when an orderly ran into the room and asked if we had seen what happened. We turned on the TV right as the second plane hit the World Trade center. Our lives were changed forever.

I can never forget that day, and encourage all of you to remember the day Terrorist, without provocation attacked our country.

Take a moment and remember.

God Bless America.

Yours in Scouting!

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