This year my goal is to develop Patrol Leaders and the Senior Patrol leader.
All of them will attend their New Youth Leader Training, formerly JLT and they will attend the OA’s Leadership Development Conference. But it is the hands on training that will prove to be valuable in the long run and we will be sitting down for LEADERSHIP 101 classes periodically.

Leadership 101 is my way of developing those young men. We start with the basics.
#1. What is leadership?
Leadership is a process in which you influence people to do something by providing Purpose, Direction, and Motivation to them. If you provide those three things, than you can lead.
#2. What are some basic’s in Leadership?
Well first we revisit what we learned in JLT. That leaders must BE, KNOW, and DO.

When we talk about BE we need to talk about CHARACTER.
Character describes a person’s inner strength, the BE of BE, KNOW, DO. Your character helps you know what is right; more than that, it links that knowledge to action. Character gives you the courage to do what is right regardless of the circumstances or the consequences. [a Scout is Brave]
You demonstrate character through your behavior. One of your key responsibilities as a leader is to teach Scoutings values, found in the Oath and Law to your Patrol members. The old saying that actions speak louder than words has never been more true than here. Leaders who talk about Trustworthy, Loyal, and Helpful but do not live these values—both in and out of Scouting—send the wrong message, that this “values stuff” is all just talk.
Understanding Scoutings Values and what it takes to be a leader is only the first step. You also must embrace those values and develop leadership skills, living them until they become habit. You must teach the Scouting Values through action and example and help your Patrol members develop leadership skills in themselves.

KNOW- You must be a master at Scoutings Skills. The way you do this is by applying yourself and teaching. The more you practice a skill the better you will be. This takes commitment. You must commit to being a master of Scout craft.
DO- Leaders do three things—
Influencing: making decisions, communicating those decisions, and motivating people.
Operating: the things you do to accomplish your Troops goals and complete tasks.
Improving: the things you do to make the Troop better.
It all comes down to your Character and how you set an example. Leaders lead by doing what is right. They motivate and create an environment of trust and confidence within the Troop and Patrols by actions. It was said before; Actions speak louder than words.

A good place to get more information of being a Patrol Leader is: http://www.scouting.org/boyscouts/resources/18-800/ Check it out!

Happy Scouting!


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