They’ve done it again…

Well it has been a few days since last posting. I just got home from a wonderful weekend of Scouting. Our Order of the Arrow section held its annual Conclave this weekend, another opportunity to watch Scouting in action.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Order of the Arrow (OA), let me give you some background.
First of all the OA was founded by Camp Director named E. Urner Goodman. He saw a need to recognize those Scouts that dedicate themselves to not only the Scout Oath and Law, but to service to others, especially his Troop and Camps.
The OA grew over the years and now is known as Scoutings Honor Society.
A couple unique facts about the Order of the Arrow:
It is the only organization withun Scouting that the members are elected by non members. This is to show that the committment of the Elected Scout is to those that elected him first (his Troop).
The OA is a Brotherhood of Cheerful Service. Reminding himself that he has an obligation to serve others.
The OA is committed to the promotion of camping and Scout Camps and has a special emphasis on the BSA High Adventure Bases.
So..having said that… This weekend was Conclave. Conclave is gathering of all the Order of the Arrow members within our section. Our Section includes three Lodges. The Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge, the Lo La’Qam Geela Lodge, and the Tsisqan Lodge. This includes the three Councils in Oregon. ABout 500 Scouts and Adult members of the Order attend a weekend full of training opportunities and lots and lots of fun.
The fantasitc part of the weeked, as with all OA activities, they are completely run by the Youth. From planning and preparation to the execution. And I have to say they do a fantastic job. The stagte shows, while I don’t get the humor sometimes are great and the program is simply wonderful. Wonderful to see that we have a generation of young men that can lead, that can communicate, that understands responsibilty, and that when given the training and tools, can accomplish anything.
These young men are a fresh breath of hope. They have an ability to be serious and have fun and they change gears faster than a Lamborghini. Spending the weekend with a group of Scouts that want to be challanged and accept leadership was refreshing.
Yep- they did it again.

If you want more information about the Order of the Arrow use the links I provided.

Happy Scouting!

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