I’m Sorry…. for what?

I promised myself that I was not going to bring up Mike Vic anymore… but it has become an issue ripe with lessons. Today Mike Vic told the world he was sorry. And in the midst of his sincere apology, all I could hear was a guy trying to keep his head above water.
Sorry for what I asked? Is he sorry for killing dogs and running an illegal gambling operation? Or is he sorry he got caught?
My gut feeling is it is the latter.
He said he made a mistake? Nah… I made a mistake tonight, I forgot to bring two second class patches for two of my Scouts. Thats a mistake. Not a felony.
Mike Vic lied. He told his boss and the commissioner that he had nothing to do with any of this. Then to save himself from a long drag through the mud and a lengthy stay in the gray bar motel, he pleaded guilty.
Which is it Mike?
Then in just a quick month he “found Jesus”. Well that I won’t judge. But where was Jesus when he was killing those dogs? Oh Jesus was there, but Mike was not asking for his help then. I geuss there are no athesist in fox holes.
So what does this have to with Scouting. EVERYTHING!!
And in a single word…. CHARACTER.
You see, sometimes you can not have your cake and eat it too. You have to understand that you are accountable for your actions, good and bad. Character is how you act when no one is watching.
We say that we see the Character of our Scouts when they are on campouts. Away from Mom and Dad. It is a good test.
You can’t teach Character, you can develop it and grow it, but Character is something inside that only the owner can control.
One of Scoutings goals is to develop Character. We do this many ways, and we have discussed them in the past, but one of the best ways to develop Character is by watching others. Watching men of good character and of course taking notes on not how to live from guys like Mike Vic.

Lying is contrary to good Character. It is a basic rule. I wonder if that is why it is the First point of the Scout law.

Mike Vic, Felon. That will be his title for the rest of his life. Bad judgement… maybe… Bad guy… for sure… bad example… without a doubt.

Mike said he was sorry. Unfortunately he said it under the cloud of Bad character. How do I know he’s not lying now? Whats he really sorry for? I think he is sorry for getting caught.
While I can forgive and forget, I can’t blank out character. Mike Vic gave it up and will not get it back no matter how many times he says he’s sorry.

I am sorry to Lucas and Ely for not having their Rank patches.. those two can take it to the bank, they know my character.

Happy Scouting!

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