Example of Consistancy

Leaders have a choice to make. Simply put, they need to ask where they want to go?
This question prompts the next questions; What does right look like? What are the goals of my team or unit? How do we accomplish them? and finally am I being a good example of leadership or a bad example?
The last question will drive the answers for the rest.
Being a good example is Black and White… No gray.
You are either a good example or a bad example.. you can not play the middle. Leaders need to show consistancy. Many Scouts tell me that sometimes it is not fun being a leader because you can’t mess around… my answer (having had attended college) is NO DUH!
Messing around is one thing, being a bad example is another. You can mess around, when it is time to mess around… You can not mess around when you are leading.
I ask the guys if they ever see the Assistant Scoutmasters and I messing around.. they say yeah. Then I ask when?
They all see it when there is a time and place to do so… having a chuckle during a campfire.
A little horse play during activity time (as long as it is not disruptive). There is a time and place.
Consistancy is the key. If a leader tells his unit to do something, or not to do something, then he turns around and does it, he is not being consistant and therefore being a bad example.
We all have a set of rules we live by. We grow up in homes with rules, we attend Schools that have rules, we live in a society that is governed by rules and laws. We also have the Scout law. A set of 12 rules that help us with consistancy.
If a leader is to gain the trust of the led… he needs to be Trustworthy.
If a leader is expect his team to be loyal… he needs to show loyalty to them.
If a leader wants his team to help… he needs to be helpful.
If a leader wants his team to get along… he needs to be Friendly.
If a leader expects his team to pay attention… he needs to show he is Courteous.
If a leader wants his team to stop arguing… he needs to demonstrate kindness.
If a leader expects his team to follow.. he needs to be obedient.
If a leader wants to have fun… he needs to be cheerful.
If a leader wants to take care of his patrols gear… he needs to be Thrifty.
If a leader has trouble making decisions… he needs to be Brave.
If a leader wants to be a good example… he needs to be clean in thought and deed.
If a leader expects to go far in life… he needs to be Reverent, remembering that nothing happens without God.
Simple rules to be a good example and stay consistant in your leadership.
Consistancy develops trust and confidence in the Scouts being led. Once they have confidence in you as a leader, you will have no trouble leading.
Remember consistancy and you can’t go wrong… use the Scout law to be consistant, and you can’t help but be right.

Happy Scouting!

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