There is no such thing as Bored!

Just returned from a FANTASTIC week at Summer Camp. We did an independant Camp out on a Ranch in Wallowa Oregon, a small rural community in Eastern Oregon.
I learned a lot over the course of the last year, planning and preparing for what was to be one on the most rewarding adventures of my life.
23 Scouts and 12 Adult leaders made up the party. We provided 14 merit badge opportunities ranging from Art to Woodcarving, we covered the spectrum.
I learned that assembling the right team will pay dividends in the end. I learned that there are people out there that still appreciate Scouting and what we do for the boys and are willing to donate time, money, and re sources. Lots of lessons learned, but most of all I learned that there is no such thing as BORED.

Out at camp there were no Playstations, there was no TV, no Radio, no IPODs, nothing….. Nothing but Fishing poles, Rope, a cool swimming hole, Friends, and most of all… a 4 inch block of wood and a pocket knife.
That little block of wood and pocket knife proved to be the most important activity all week. The boys sat for hours whittling away, talking about camp and stuff, or sitting there quietly enjoying the beautiful land we had the pleasure of calling camp. Yes I said quietly.

In this world were everything is fast paced and we all need to be entertained, these boys [and Adults I should add] found a simple piece of wood all the entertainment they needed.
There is no such thing as Bored, when you have Scouting. Every Scout has a knife and can find a piece of wood. Just sitting and enjoying what a wonderful land we live in is enough sometimes. Scouting offers this up to our Young men. They develop an appreciation for that simple touch of beauty or turning a stick into a bear.

Given the right tools…. there is no such thing as Bored.

Happy Scouting

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  1. I agree. Give the kids a chance to be out in the woods and they will find things to do on their own. Our troop’s favorite place to camp has no plumbing, no running water, and no electricity. It only has what we bring with us, and that is always plenty.stevejb68


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