At the end of the day all you have is your Character. It is something that no one can take away and that nothing can change unless you give it away or change it yourself.
And once you give your Character away… it is gone, never to come back.
You see Character is who and what you are inside. It is that which motivates you, it drives you, it causes you to act a certain way.
Not all Character is good, as we can see daily in the news, but that is because the holder has allowed it to happen. They gave it away.
Character is how others see you also, which is extremely important.
I once had a friend that would always say “I don’t care what other people think of me”. And as a result others thought of him in a dim light.
You demonstrate your character in everything you do. How you handle situations, decisions you make, and how you treat other people. And at every turn, someone is watching.
A Scoutmaster that allows unsafe activities to happen, that uses foul language when around the boys, and is generally undisciplined is demonstrating bad character.
One of the BSA’s goals is to develop Character in the these young men. Being a good example of that Character is the best way to teach it.
I always go back to the Scout Oath and law. They are fantastic guides of good Character.
Do you praise in public and punish in private? That is a Character trait.
Do you stay clean, both in mind and body, and demonstrate good language? Also good Character.
Do you make sound decisions, that take in to consideration others first? Character.
Can anyone question your Character? Do you lie, steal, or cheat? Do you tolerate others that do? Those are the easiest ways to give up your Character.

It was once said that you can test a mans Character by watching him when he is away from home. Very profound if you ask me. We all act different away from home. The test for your Character is do you act better.

Happy Scouting!

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