A Cheerful Spirit

I recently had a situation at work in which I had to deal with a fellow employee. He was upset about something or rather and decided that I would be the butt of his anger.
Well it did not take long till his sights found the target and he expressed his displeasure in the fact that his world was coming apart at the seems and I was the cause of his dismay.
Hearing all of this I quickly pulled out my moral compass and thought about the Scout law.
I could have returned words and exchanged verbal blows, but I thought about what a Scoutmaster once told me. “Kill ’em with Kindness”.
I smiled and asked if there was something I could do to help him. [A Scout is Helpful].
I offered to discuss the matter in a nice tone and see if we could come up with some resolution. [A Scout is Courteous].
And I would not allow him to get the best of me. [A Scout is Brave].
It only took about 8 minutes and my furious partner was calm and quiet. He had realized that there would be no joy in picking a fight with me. At every turn I countered with character and it took no time at all for my foe to see it.
He asked me why I was happy all the time, even with the going got tough. I told him I have a cheerful spirit. When the going gets tough your Cheerful spirit takes over and things get better.
There is nothing so terrible that being Cheerful can’t cure (at least enough to get you through).
I asked him why he let things get to him and turn it all personal? He could not answer.

He finally said “Well that’s all just that Boy Scout mumbo Jumbo”… and I proudly said, You are absolutly right!

Living the Scout law daily. It comes to you when you need it, and when others around you need it.

Have a Cheerful Spirit!

Happy Scouting!

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