The Outdoor Code (of Conduct)

My Troop is getting into Backpacking. So over the last few months our attention has focused to backpacking skills, Leave no trace, and the outdoor code.
Looking at all these re sources I wonder why some units have a code of Conduct.
For pretty much every situation you can apply the Oath and Law. And when outdoors… the Outdoor Code coupled with the principles of Leave no Trace are your guides.
A complete duplication of effort if you ask me. 12 solid rules for the way you are to act. Plus 4 specific instructions on how to act in the outdoors.
To be Clean in my outdoor manners.
To be Careful with Fire.
Considerate in the outdoors
And Conservation Minded.
What I have found is that the Scouts that know and practice these skills and principles do very well and do not need to be disciplined or constantly talk to about behavior.
That is why it is important to get the Scouts on their first Scoutmaster Conference to really understand what the Oath and Law mean and how to practice the Outdoor code.
Taking the time to teach these up front will pay off down the road.
You will see the proof when one day you are on a Switch back and horses are on the trail and your Scouts do it all right.
And for the most part they do. But you have to reenforce it and always practice what you teach.

Happy Scouting!

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