Leadership- Good Example

One of the major goals of Scouting is to develop Leaders.
This is done in many ways, hands on programs, watching others, formal training just to name a few.
We always try to set a “Good Example” for others to follow and we ask of the “Older” Scouts to be good examples to the “Younger Scouts. This develops both the leader and the follower.
So lets talk about what it means to be a “Good Example” for a minute.
To throw some words out there regarding being a good example we can use;
Proper uniform
Time and place for everything
Acting like a leader
Knowing what is right and wrong… and doing what is right.
We can go on, but the point is that leaders need to understand leadership and its effect and being a good example is but one thing we look at in good leadership. How does this effect the led?
Leaders that are a good example of “RIGHT” breed it in their followers. When boys see something done properly and without complaint, they know that it is right and will follow suit.
On the contrary, when they see goofing off and things not being done right, they follow suit and nothing is gained. The leader looses credibility. Right must come as second nature and with consistancy. So leaders need to be good examples all the time.
Some may say this is a huge task for boys. I say no its not. As long as they are taught what right is and what right looks like from the beginning, and they see leaders (both youth and Adult) exercising “Right” consistantly, they will adapt and do well.
It is only when inconsistancy is the only thing that is constant, that you set the Scouts up to fail or not understand “Right”.
Being a good example needs to be consistant.

Happy Scouting!

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