Role Models… huh…

I think Charles Barkley said it best when he reminded the world that he was “Not a Role Model”. Charles… you are correct sir.
The problem is that to youngster he is some one they looked up to.. a Sports Hero.
And now we have the awesome examples of Mike Vic, Barry Bonds, Pac man Jones, Tank Johnson, Doping Bicyclist, and the list seems to go on and on… Awesome examples of what NOT to be when you grow up.

So where do our Role models come from now? Boy I wish John Wayne was still around.
But seriously, where can we find good role models? Congressmen? Sports figures? Referees? City and State politicians? hmmmm…. I give.

Well there it is..Scoutmasters and other adult leaders of Scouting. We have an opportunity to be awesome Role models. With that comes awesome responsibilty though. Do you think you can do it?
Can you live the Scout Law and Oath?
Can you teach, coach, train and mentor?
Can you maintain an even keel when the going gets tough?
Do you wear your uniform properly and with pride?
Can you be a friend? Can you be approached and do they know you will listen?
Do your Scouts see you as someone that they want to be when they grow up?

You know, I see the Scouts of my Troop all over. I see them at the Supermarket, I see them in Church, at the movies, at Sporting events, at their Schools. Or I suppose I should have said, They see me at all those places. And what do they see?
Well I hope they see a family guy that loves his wife and kids. I hope they see an active member of the community, not just a passer by. I hope they see a respected man in various community activities. I hope they see a caring person that is dedicated to making this a better place. I hope they see me as someone that they can approach and be heard.
I am no politician, just you average guy that works hard and lives life to the fullest.
I have my role models, my mentors and those are the things that I see in them.

We don’t need Mike Vic or Pacman Jones to be roles models we have Scout leaders!
What America needs is to see more of us. I am a die hard Football fan. I cheer for my team, and love to watch the game. But there is no one on that field that I would send my kids camping for a week with, there are many Scouts leaders that I am more than willing to trust with my kids.
So who are the real role models?
Those that live a set of timeless values. Summed up in the three Duties of the Scout Oath…
Duty to God and Country, Duty to Others, and Duty to Self.

Be a role model!

Happy Scouting

One comment

  1. Well said, Jerry. Leading a Scout troop forces us to look in the mirror. How do we conduct ourselves? Do we swear? Do we break the speed limits? Do we set a good example? Sports stars did not choose that profession to be role models, so we expect something from them that wasn’t promised. Leadership in Scouting is different. We volunteer to be role models.-Byron C. Justice, Troop 1197www.HoustonScouts.ORG


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