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OK… I have not really done an update here in a while and here is the deal.  A few months back, I think after we got back from Philmont I proclaimed that as I get older, my pack needs to get lighter.  I know that I have said that before and I really hate the idea of being lumped into the category of “Gram Weenie”… BUT… the more I have been researching, planning, and tearing apart my pack in search of the “perfect” base weight, I have… wait for it… become a “Gram Weenie”.. well sort of.
I have undertaken a new obsession in this quest to reduce weight.  My first rule is that I will not sacrifice Safety or Comfort.  Beyond that I have set a goal to get to a 16 lb base weight.
So.. I will be posting my progress here as well as updates on the video of my gear and a new chart of the gear that I am currently using and the weight.

The list below is what I used to carry.  I am going to leave it up for now and will reformat when I update my current list.

**Updated 11-30-13
Here is a list of my gear:
Warbonnet Blackbird Hammock
Hennessy Hex tarp (10X12) — Warbonnet Super Fly on the way!
Top Quilt – Flight Jacket 20 degree from Underground Quilts
Under Quilt- Hammock gear Phoenix 3/4 length 20 degree 
Winter – Army Black bag 0 degree
Black Kat Alky Stove
Imusa aluminum mug
T-Fal One Egg wonder pan
REI TiWare Spork
Sea to Summit collapsible Bowl
REI Insul mug
Poly Pro long underwear
Nike Synthetic top
Wool Socks
Sock Liners
North Face Denali gloves
Marmot glove liners
Down booties
Columbia Sportswear winter hat w/ Omni Heat
Columbia Sportswear pants w/Omni Heat
Columbia Sportswear Hail Tech pants
REI E1 parka
Mountain Hardware Nutshell Gaitors
Silva compass
Digital thermometer
Nite Ize relective rope (extra line)
Fire Paste
SPOT beacon
MSR Stove repair kit
extra lighter
toilet paper and Bio Bags
MSR Titanium stakes (5)
Sawyer squeeze filter modified to gravity feed
ULA Ohm 2.0

Just a note on weight.  The base weight (no food or water) of this load is 16 lbs.  I do not skimp on comfort and warmth.
Like I have I said in the past, I am not a gram weenie.  I shave weight because I want be comfortable when I hike.
This load also includes the winter clothing that I will have for the next couple months.
This weight fluctuates by about 3 lbs in the summer.
If you have any questions, please ask.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


6 thoughts on “My Gear

  1. Great video’s! Great site!

    RedBeardWrangler (

  2. I like this list; we’ve not yet done the kind of camping that requires this kind of gear that is completely “man-portable,” but I do see a Philmont adventure in our future!

    We’ve built a list for summer camp excursions; it builds on the Council-provided list, but adds items we’ve deemed necessary based on a few years experience — like a toy rake for clearing twigs and sticks under the tent site and tent fans. There are a lot of items that we take that duplicate items in the Troop Trailer (first aid items, for instance), and we don’t have any cooking gear here (thanks Dining Hall!).

    Anything we’re missing?:

    • Wow that is a pretty comprehensive list. Can’t say that I would add anything.. that’s a lot more than we take to camp.. but a great list.

  3. mkrzyski

    Our troop has made the leap to a backpacking from car/scout trailer camping format. I/ we have a LOT to learn. Thanks for the List. Just one thing we are in Jacksonville Florida and rain is a frequent guest on our trips. What do you do rain gear?

  4. mkrzyski

    Of course after I ask a question I found the answer in the list. Sorry, my dad told me I would need no help being dumb. I guess he was right. LoL

    • Well, we are in Oregon and if it isn’t raining we are not sure if we are camping or not… So Rain gear is a must.
      We recommend that Scouts do not wear poncho’s as they tend to become capes.
      We wear rain pants and rain jackets.
      I personally use Columbia Sportswear pants and the Frogg Toggs jacket. Light weight and breathable.
      Thanks for the question.. and yep.. I have not needed any assistants in the dump category either.

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