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For those of you that have been to Wood Badge, you are very familiar with the “Ticket”.
The Ticket is a great way to organize a project, achieve goals, and make change in something that you feel is important, just to name a few reasons to write and work your ticket.
While at Wood Badge, the participant writes a ticket to achieve their vision.  A vision of something in their Scouting life as well as their personal lives that will enhance Scouting and themselves.  They use the tools they learn on course and maximize effort toward their goals by working the specific items of the ticket.
But it is not over once that first ticket is complete.  One ticket leads to another and with each success comes the realization that this process works.
Since I attended Wood Badge in 2005 I have written, worked, and found success many times over using the ticket.
This year I have once again looked to the ticket process, this time though it is for the blog.

Simply put, this blog can be better and I need a plan and action steps to make it that way.
At Wood Badge, you have an accountability partner called a Troop Guide.  You all will be my Troop Guide so I have that piece of accountability to ensure the completion of this ticket.  So Troop Guides.. chime in and keep me on task.

Jerry Schleining

Vision: Build an online resource that helps Scouters deliver the promise of scouting.
Mission: The Scoutmaster minute blog will be the go to blog for scouting resources in helping Scouters deliver the promise of scouting.  That will be accomplished by providing content that is relevant and timely using multi media, online training, and stories that demonstrate the adventure of scouting.
1.  Content
Specific- I will produce content for the blog using writing and video.
Measurable-  I will post to the blog at least 3 times a week.
Attainable- I will achieve this goal by producing a work flow spreadsheet that will list possible subject matter and videos that support the content of the blog.
Relevant- Yes, without content this blog will not assist in delivering the promise of Scouting.
Timely- I will measure this blog quarterly to make sure that I am staying on task.  Completion of this goal is 12/30/14
2.  Multi Media
Specific- I will use writing and video to make the blog a better experience for the subscriber/follower of the blog.
Measurable-  I will add video to the blog at least once a week and focus on those posts in which video would enhance the message.
Attainable- The work flow sheet will include video schedules and topics.  I will need new video editing software to accomplish this goal.
Relevant- Yes, research on the addition of video into blogs proves that those blogs that include video and other sources of media retain readers and keep them coming back to the blog.
Timely- This goal will be evaluated quarterly and will be complete on 12/30/14
3.  Community
Specific- I want this blog to become a community, a meeting after the meeting, a place where people can come to get ideas, learn, share, and find ways to deliver the promise of Scouting to their Scouts.  To accomplish this I will be soliciting from readers comments on each post.  I will respond to every comment that is made.  I will share ideas that directed to me and implement them into the blog.
Measurable-  I will measure this monthly with the amount of comments made and responses added.
Attainable-  I will attain this by being focused on responding and adding suggestions to work flow.
Relevant- In order to make this a community it needs to be more than just me, there needs to be interaction.
Timely- I will evaluate monthly and complete on 12/30/14
4.  Resources
Specific- To increase the amount of content I will be searching for additional resources, both online and through print media.  Online would include video and audio resources.  I will use the BSA National resources as well as other leadership, outdoors, and Scouting related materials to develop content and a resource library, which will be shared via the blog.
Measurable-  I will create a drop box file of resources for blog users to share and consolidate for better content management.
Attainable- There are many resources currently available, I will collect those that are relevant to the blog and its mission and place them in the drop box.
Relevant- Without reaching out and finding resources, I will not learn and will not be able to serve the blog readers effectively.
Timely- Drop box file will be in place by 4/30/14 and resources will start moving in immediately.
5.  Tools for success (I’m still working on this one.. check back soon)


11 thoughts on “My Blog Ticket

  1. Adam cox

    I look forward to your beading and all the fun to be had!!

  2. Pingback: Your Ticket | The Scoutmaster Minute

  3. Jenny Byrne

    Have you checked out Evernote as a “tool for success”? I use it to hold content that I want to use for homeschool. It is great for capturing ideas for later development.

    • Funny you mention evernote… I use evernote for everything…I have been a evernote user for years.
      Great suggestion’s amazing what you can use evernote for in scouting….
      May have to do an entire post on it.

  4. I would be careful on the “respond to every comment” item. Some comments boil down to a “Me, too” (often in paragraph form!) and probably ought not to be responded to. Other than that, it looks good!

    • I hear what you are saying…there is a fine line that needs to be walked…but I think we can do it in a scout like manner and more the discussion along…think this is a great part of community building.
      Thanks for the comment.

  5. Jenny

    I would love that! All I do with it is clip web sites but already my files are getting cluttered and I’m having trouble. I know I’m not using it to its potential. Kinda like only using a leather man as a can opener.

  6. Robert McMahan

    Good luck on completing your ticket. I love how you’ve brought your perspectives on Scouting to the mobile/digital age. Just got beaded May 19. Congratulations and good luck.

    Eagle Patrol

    • Oh.. Robert…
      I completed my ticket in 2005. I have been on two Staff’s since and will be staffing again in the next course.
      My find myself writing tickets to complete my goals all the time. It is a great model and way to complete my goals.
      Thanks for the comment.

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